Love cards

Love is a pretty high feeling and a lot of hard work. Unfortunately, many of us often forget this, sacrificing it and sometimes just ignoring it. Justified by saying that love doesn’t exist. And the few who cherish and honor this gift are rewarded with — sincere feelings. Convey your feelings in a way that is as clear as possible. Sometimes there aren’t enough words and you want something more.

Pictures about love will do the job for you. Just send it to the person you want to say it to, then it will melt your lover’s heart. Do not hold yourself back in such matters, because your future relationships depend on it. Try to give pleasant memories to your lover. Even if your feelings aren’t mutual, you’ll know you tried your best and can try again later.

Roses and candy.

Red roses.

Hearts under the umbrella.

Hearts and doves.

The heart and the key.

Nice heart.

Beautiful flowers.

Red roses and hearts.

A teddy bear with a heart.

A pink panther and a heart.

SEALs and hearts.

A little bear with a heart.

A bunny with a heart.

Owls and a cup of coffee.

Bear cubs with a heart.

Adorable cats.

Cute kitties and hearts.


A book with a heart and a wish.

Adorable mice with a heart.

A bear and a heart.

The sky is heart-shaped.

A kitty with flowers.

An envelope with hearts.

A cat with a heart and a rose.

Red hearts.

Heart-shaped balloons.

A red heart in the hands of lovers.

Hearts and a flower.

Love is… gum cover.

Bears and hearts.

A card with hearts on it.

Puss and hearts.

Hearts and love emoticons.

A red rose and a heart.

A beautiful inscription about love.

Cute animals and hearts.

A kitty and a heart.

A bunny and flowers.

Rose and hearts.

A mouse with a rose and a heart.

A beautiful couple in love.

Red hearts.

Pink rose and red heart.

Two hearts in my hand.

Bears, flowers and hearts.

A card with hearts on it.

Red roses.

Roses and candy.

Tulips and butterflies.

Пожалуйста оцени!
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